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B-Daman (ビーダマン Bīdaman ? )

Nie ler mainan terbaru anak2 aku ... Mainan nie tengah hot kot skang nie ... Lama dah dia orang mintak sebenar nyer, tapi aku malas nak layan ... BigBoss lagi ler buat tak tau jer ... So, lepas raya ari tu, disebabkan masing2 dah ada duit raya, so aku izin kan dia orang beli ler menatang nih dengan menggunakan duit raya masing2 ... Sikit jer aku bagi guna, selebih nyer kena(wajib) disimpan ... Aku plak terlebih rajin menggoogle pasal menatang nih ...


B-Daman (ビーダマン Bīdaman ? ) is a marble shooting toy produced in Japan by Takara. The blaster's design is a humanoid figure at the centre, from which a specially made marble, is launched (not just any marbles can be used). Different attachments are used to change a B-Daman's accuracy, power, balance, control, and rapid fire. They are customizable and each have a special gimmick. In the English language Battle B-Daman toys, the marbles are referred to as "B-Daballs". In all cases they are simply called "marbles" (Japanese: ビー玉; biidama, hence the name "B-Daman") in Japan.

B-Daman Series
B-Daman was first produced in 1993, modeled after Bomberman, and hence was called "Bomberman B-Daman".
Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Series
Super B-Daman Series
Battle B-Daman
Crash B-Daman Series
Metal B-Daman series
Cross Fight B-Daman  - The latest series of B-Daman which has a toyline and anime series.
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